Seeing a Doctor After a Car Wreck

Seeing a Doctor After a Car Wreck

Getting Checked Out After an Auto Accident

You’ve just been in a car wreck. You’re in shock, but other than that you feel fine. You figure you don’t need to see a doctor and tell the police who arrived on the scene to send the ambulance away. You give your statement, call your insurance provider, and go home. Two days later, you’re in pain. Is it too late to see the doctor?

No. Accident injuries are often felt days after the fact. In the moment, your adrenaline is pumping which tends to hide painful injuries that will be felt after your body relaxes.

What Kind of Doctor Do I Need to See?

If your injuries weren’t so severe that you were taken to a hospital, then a pain management doctor is your best bet. They can determine where your pain originates and develop a strategy to reduce, or possible eliminate, the pain through non-invasive (physical therapy, rest, ice) or minimally invasive (steroid injections, cryotherapy, etc) means.

Here at Pegasus Spine & Joint Institute, we understand all the hoops you have to jump through after an auto accident. We know the last thing you need is a confusing medical situation, so we use our years of experience in this field to make your life a little easier.

If you’ve been in a car accident, please connect with us today and schedule an appointment to come by.

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