Neck Pain

Your neck is extremely vulnerable to injury; your neck’s health depends on your every move. If you fall or trip the weight of your head could push forward putting too much stress on your neck, if you’re lifting an object improperly the stress put on your neck could leave you in pain, if you simply don’t sit with proper posture your neck will ache, and if you simply look down for too long you can put a “crick” in your neck. Your neck supports your head which weighs much more than you probably think; anytime you’re using your neck to support all the weight of your head, you are putting stress on your neck, which you’ll pay for sooner than later. If you are having pain in your neck and the treatments that you can do on your own (shown below) aren’t showing results then contact Pegasus Pain Management.

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Type of Pain


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    Common Causes

    • Injury
    • Overuse
    • Poor posture
    • Improperly lifting a heavy object
    • Looking down for too long
    • Poor sleeping posture

    Several Illnesses Related to Neck Pain

    • Arthritis

    When the cartilage in the joint starts to fade away due to overuse of the joint (This normally means it fades over time, but it can also mean that it is overused through intense activities such as sports.)

    Symptoms: Joint stiffness, sharp joint pain, or swelling near a joint.

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    • Pinched Nerve

    When a nerve is compressed between tissue commonly resulting in pain or numbness. This is most commonly in the back, neck and wrist. A pinched nerve near the spine could affect an entire section of your body depending on the location of the pinched nerve. If the pinched nerve is near your neck, then you may frequently feel numbness throughout several different locations in your body.

    Symptoms: Tingling, numbness, sharp/burning/aching pain, weak feeling, or your hands or feet frequently “fall asleep”

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    Treatment for neck pain varies upon the kind of pain (stiffness, numbness, sharp, aching, dull, etc.) and any other appearances such as swelling or redness. If are experiencing a “crick” in your neck (sharp and aching pain) or stiffness, the best thing to do is to use a heating pad for 10-15 minutes (any longer could worsen the pain) to loosen your muscles. To reduce an aching pain, use an ice pack (this can also reduce swelling if there is any). If pain persists or you feel your neck pain is a symptom for something worse contact Pegasus Pain Management to find the treatment that is right for you.

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