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Our Pegasus Headache & Migraine Institute targets the cause of the pain to eliminate the pain. You can count on us to ensure you that your pain relief and ongoing management could not be in better hands than those of our head pain specialists across Dallas-Ft. Worth.


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Dr. Ellman and Dr. Saidov specialize in non-surgical orthopedic spine and joint care. Their certified healthcare specialists provide a compassionate, low-stress environment.

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Read the latest Pain Management & Non-Surgical Orthopedic Spine & Joint articles published regularly. Stay informed about ways to manage and even eliminate your pain.

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We are unparalleled in orthopedic spine and join pain treatment and management across Dallas-Ft. Worth. We offer non-surgical treatments. Find a convenient location today.

About PEGASUS Pain Management Clinics

Specializing in Non-Surgical Orthopedic Spine & Joint Care

Pegasus Pain Management is a fully integrated, comprehensive pain management clinic with state-of-the-art equipment available in the clinic.  For patients with chronic pain, their approach is multidisciplinary. Our pain physicians work closely with many other specialists including neurologists, psychologists, orthopedic and spine surgeons, and chiropractors to optimally coordinate the care of our patients. Proper diagnosis, clinically proven treatment plans and a team approach results in a healthy pain-free lifestyle. It is time to end your pain and book an appointment now!

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Dr. Saidov’s Story

When you’re in pain, it is necessary to know that you’re not alone. When you feel there’s no one who understands you, how do you go about fulfilling that need? Wouldn’t it be great to find a physician who truly understands the struggle of enduring sleepless nights, uncomfortable days, and unbearable circumstances? Let me introduce you to Dr. Saidov… Dr. Saidov’s ability to sympathize with his patients continues to set him apart from other specialists. He makes it a priority to identify the problem and facilitate the recovery.

Overcoming My Pain

On the 8th of August in Soviet Union Uzbekistan a 15 year old cyclist sits in shock on the side of a country road having narrowly escaped certain death. Dirt and sweat invades his wounds as he gathers his thoughts and barring; adrenaline pulsing through his body leaving him numb to his injuries.

When people say you can see your life flash before your eyes, it’s true… I had time to say goodbye to my whole family“…

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Dr. Ellman’s Story

Dr. Michael Ellman says, “As a competitive tennis player, I had to overcome significant injury to achieve my goals. I am very proud to have now dedicated my professional life to the treatment and rehabilitation of painful injuries.”  Dr. Ellman sees the medical field as a fusion of art and science; providing creative and innovative approaches to achieve the goal of pain-free living. Dr. Ellman specializes in Pain Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Regenerative Medicine, and Electro Diagnostic Medicine. He most often treats: back pain, whiplash injuries, knee injuries, neck pain and shoulder injuries.

Dr. Michael Ellman is American Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Medicine. Dr. Ellman is a physiatrist who specializes in Pain Management. He is an expert in the field of non-surgical spine care, orthopedic medicine, rehabilitation, and EMG’s. Dr. Ellman’s knowledge and experience provides comprehensive treatment with an emphasis on functional restoration. Dr. Ellman has been in the private practice in the Dallas area since 1996 and patients appreciate his thorough, personalized approach and trust his extensive knowledge of pain medicine.

Pegasus Headache Pain and Migraine Pain
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