Foot Pain Facts

Foot Pain Facts

What is Foot Pain All About?

We’ve all had foot pain in our lives, some more than others. The pain is a symptom of a number of different causes from injury to disease. If the pain is mild, usually it can be remedied by some OTC pain meds and that’s that. However, if the pain is constant or unbearable, then other pain treatment options may be explored.

Common Reasons for Foot Pain

Overuse, standing up too long, and even ill-fitting shoes can be the cause of your foot pain. It’s not always a disease or underlying condition. However, sometimes it is. And sometimes it’s due to an accident or injury from sports or a car wreck. It’s that kind that can benefit from pain management treatments.

Foot Pain Management

If your foot injury is severe or chronic, ice packs and microwaved rice socks may not cut it. You may need more advanced treatments like cryotherapy or steroid injections to ease the pain and lessen inflammation. Your specific treatment will be up to the doctor, but here at Pegasus we always opt for the less invasive choices when possible. That means no surgery unless absolutely necessary.

In addition to the treatments, physical therapy and rest will likely be the agenda as well. Easing tension off the injured area is key in a faster recovery.

If you’re suffering with foot pain, please schedule an appointment to see our pain management specialists today.


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