Natural Pain Remedies to Use Inside to Avoid the Coronavirus Outside

Natural Pain Remedies to Use Inside to Avoid the Coronavirus Outside

Natural Pain Relief Remedies to Try While COVID-19 Has You Stuck at Home

We’ve compiled a list of our social media posts about amazing, all-natural, DIY, try-this-at-home pain relief treatments that have stood the test of time. While we do offer telemedicine consultations here at Pegasus Joint & Spine Institute, having some of these amazing pain remedies tucked away for a rainy day isn’t gonna hurt. So, without further ado, let’s take a look, shall we?

Ginseng & Kava Kava

The American Pain Foundation says to use Ginseng for fibromyalgia, and Kava Kava for tension headaches and neuropathic pain. Organic and natural healing methods go hand-in-hand with our complete approach to your pain-free wellness.


Like other herbal supplements, cloves can be used to help treat a wide range of conditions. In addition to helping ease nausea and treat colds, cloves may also help relieve the pain associated with headaches, arthritic inflammation, and toothaches.

Cloves can be ingested in capsule or powder form, but you probably have a jar of cloves in your seasonings cabinet that may do in a pinch.


Eggs. Yummy food option, but are they good for joint pain? Just asking Google will give you different answers.

“According to Harvard Medical School, you should limit your intake of foods containing omega-6 fatty acids, such as egg yolks and red meat. Saturated fats may increase levels of inflammation in the body, making OA pain worse.”


“Morning stiffness can be a struggle for people with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), but that doesn’t have to interfere with having a healthy breakfast. One of the simplest ways to consistently eat a nutritious and hassle-free morning meal is to keep a batch of hard-boiled eggs at the ready.”

So, which is it? Your best bet is to forego Google and ask a real pain management provider like Pegasus. We even have ways to contact us today through telemedicine in order to stay safe at home and still get answers.

Black Pepper

Maybe you didn’t know it, but there’s a great pain relief provider in your kitchen. One of the most popular and well-loved spices, black pepper offers both anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effects. Piperine, a compound that gives black pepper its sharp taste, prevents inflammation.

Add a dash of black pepper to everything. (Except ice cream. That would be strange.)

Iodized Salt

If you have unexplained fatigue or muscle pain, iodine supplementation can provide helpful, low-cost, temporary pain relief. To do so, simply add iodized salt to your meals because you probably aren’t getting enough of it as it is.

Dogs (Yes, dogs.)

Research has shown that just 10 to 15 minutes of petting a dog reduces the amount of cortisol (a stress hormone) circulating in the body. Reduced stress helps reduce pain. Go pet a dog now.

Epsom Salt

Joint pain? Try Epsom salt. The magnesium sulfate in Epsom Salt is absorbed through the skin and helps reduce inflammation. Add half a cup of salt to a bowl of warm water and soak your painful joint for at least 15 minutes.

Green Tea

In pain? Drink some tea. Tea has antioxidants called catechins that reduce inflammation. Green tea contains EGCG, the most powerful type of catechin.

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