I Got in a Car Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

I Got in a Car Accident, but I’m Not in Pain. Should I Still See a Doctor? Car accidents are frightening, If they are major they might cause injuries. Even if the injuries don’t have physical scars they can have a huge impact on the rest of life. Approximately 2 million people are injured in […]

Cryotherapy for Pain

Freeze the Pain Away Using cold – really cold – temperatures to essentially freeze the pain away is the idea behind cryotherapy.  Experts in this field believe that using localized freezing temps deaden irritated, inflamed nerves is a preferred non-invasive way to manage pain. It is known to work best when used on or around painful […]

Seeing a Doctor After a Car Wreck

Getting Checked Out After an Auto Accident You’ve just been in a car wreck. You’re in shock, but other than that you feel fine. You figure you don’t need to see a doctor and tell the police who arrived on the scene to send the ambulance away. You give your statement, call your insurance provider, […]

Foot Pain Facts

What is Foot Pain All About? We’ve all had foot pain in our lives, some more than others. The pain is a symptom of a number of different causes from injury to disease. If the pain is mild, usually it can be remedied by some OTC pain meds and that’s that. However, if the pain […]

Natural Pain Remedies to Use Inside to Avoid the Coronavirus Outside

Natural Pain Relief Remedies to Try While COVID-19 Has You Stuck at Home We’ve compiled a list of our social media posts about amazing, all-natural, DIY, try-this-at-home pain relief treatments that have stood the test of time. While we do offer telemedicine consultations here at Pegasus Joint & Spine Institute, having some of these amazing […]

Coronavirus and the Shelter-In-Place Mandate

Coronavirus Has Affected Us All We’re living in unprecedented times, that much is sure. With the worldwide coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic reaching us here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, there is certainly someone you know affected, directly or indirectly, by the outbreak. In fact, the very idea that this virus is so prevalent has made countless […]

Whiplash Question and Answer Video

Dallas Non-Surgical Pain Relief Treatment

 Frequently asked questions about non-surgical pain relief treatments for back pain and joint pain from Pegasus Spine & Joint Institute in Dallas, TX. 1. Will my procedure hurt? 2. How long is my procedure? 3. How will I benefit from my procedure? 4. Are there any restrictions after my procedure?

Dallas Pain Management Doctors

Why are you seeking Dallas Pain Management? That’s easy. If you’re here, you’re probably suffering with some sort of pain or nagging discomfort. Maybe it’s caused by an injury sustained on the tennis court, football field, or baseball diamond. Or maybe it wasn’t caused by anything you did at all and was the result of […]

The Basics of Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine is a specific branch of medicine that deals with the prevention and treatment of sports-related injuries. It also involves the application of scientific study methods to optimize health and athletic performance. Increased participation in sporting activities by amateurs (or so-called “weekend warriors”) has resulted in the need to not only prevent and treat […]

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