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In 2014, there were 29,989 fatal motor vehicle crashes reported in the United States. And according to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), more than two million people are injured or disabled each year due to car accidents across the country.

Car crash injuries vary depending on the circumstances of each collision.  Some vehicular accident injuries resolve in a few days even without any medical help. However, serious injuries may also result in permanent physical disability.

The most common ones are Whiplash Injury, Head and Back Injuries, and Injuries involving the extremities.

Accidents & Injury

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What’s Whiplash Injury

Whiplash is arguably the most common type of injury resulting from motor vehicle accidents (MVA). The force of impact causes sudden, hyperextension followed by rapid hyper flexion of the neck. This excessive extension and flexion of the neck can result in damage to the muscles and the ligaments. A severe ligament injury can even cause instability of the spine.

People who experienced whiplash motion usually report pain shortly after the accident, however, to some, pain doesn’t begin until several days later.

After the injury, the neck, and head muscles stiffen up, eventually spreading to the upper back muscles accompanied by dizziness, headaches, or even pain and tingling in the extremities.

Head and Back Injuries

The most dangerous among MVA injuries are head and back injuries. Passengers who aren’t wearing seatbelts can strike their head and backs on the dashboards, windows, or on the steering wheel. This can cause brain injuries resulting in mild concussions to skull fractures or worse – coma. The brain is arguably the most vital organ, controlling human’s ability to talk, walk, think, feel – all the things that make us alive.

On the other hand, back injuries can also be fatal. The back houses the spinal column or the ‘backbone’, which protects the spinal cords and nerves.  An injury to the spinal cord or nerves can cause impaired mobility, changes in senses and strength, as well as paralysis or changes in body functions below the site of the injury.

Injuries involving the extremities

Arms, hands, legs and feet injuries are also common. These include damaged ligaments, bones, and even severed extremities.

Recovery from Car Accidents

MVA injuries can heal with proper care in less than a year. However, some people still experience pain, weakness, and limited mobility for many years after that, and with severe cases, for the rest of their lives.

Car crash injuries (especially whiplash) are conditions requiring special care of experts and skilled health professionals. Some doctors recommend chiropractic care and continued rehab in these cases.

Conquering Car Crash Injuries

Some injury manifestations don’t begin until several days later. It is very important to seek medical treatment even for the slightest discomfort. Learn more about our pain treatments at Pegasus Pain Management.


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    Treating Neck and Back Pain from a Car Accident

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