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Our Dallas-Ft Worth pain specialist can help you get rid of post surgical pain

post surgery pain dallasSurgical operations are always associated with one form of post surgical pain or another. However, many people who undergo surgical operation recover and get back to normal life. The amount of pain an individual experience depends on some factors; including the type of operation, the person’s ability to absorb pain, his or her overall health condition and much more. There are also very good medications that keep your post surgical pain in check.

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What Are Post Surgical Pains?

Post surgical pains are pains experienced by patients after undergoing surgical operation. The pains experienced by patients are varied depending on their operation form among other things.

Post surgical pain can be mild, acute or chronic. Your pain doesn’t have to transcend from degree to degree. Thus, if you are having acute post surgical pain it doesn’t always get to the chronic stage.  Also, mild pain doesn’t have to grow to the acute stage.

Ask your doctor beforehand how much pain to expect and what your best options to handling the pains are for a speedy recovery and return to your normal daily activities.

Not all the doctors are experienced at treating post surgical pains. Our Dallas-Fort Worth Pain Specialists are experts. We help our clients choose the right course of actions and the right medication to mitigate their peculiar form of post surgical pains.

Proper handling of your post operative pain means a speedy recovery and a return to a quality life soon after.

Causes of post surgical pains

Different types of surgery are associated with different forms and degrees of pain. People who go through back surgery for example usually witness some muscle pain while patients who go for belly operation characteristically experiences cramps as their tummy struggles to return back to its normal function.

It is better to ask your doctor before the operation what forms of pain you are to expect and how long they may last for. You can then properly monitor yourself after the surgery and consult with your doctor if your pain seems to be protracted.

Factors that determines what amount of post surgical pains you’d have

There are a few risk factors that predict the development of chronic post surgical pains.  Many researches are ongoing to find ways to discover who is going to experience post surgical pain and who is going to recover eventually.

  • One of the most robust predictors of pain after the operation or risk factors is pain itself.

The existence of pain itself before surgery predicts the existence of post surgical pain after surgery and the intensity of acute pain you have after surgery also predicts the possibility of you developing chronic post surgical pain.

  • Also, various forms of surgical operation are associated with different forms and degrees of pain.
  • The length of time taken to do the operation apart from resulting to more pain, also exert more effect on you. Thus, the time taken to recover from post operative effect also determines your ability to handle and get over the pain.


  • Another factor is the personality of the individual in question. Your rate of getting healed after surgery also depends on your ability to deal with and handle pains.


Proper pain control is very essential part of your recuperation because:

  • Proper pain control will minimize your risk to developing blood clots, urinary and lung infection.
  • It helps you to get discharged from the hospital sooner.
  • Proper pin control also saves you from suffering from chronic surgical pains

What are your risk factors?

They are surgical factors that predispose one to develop pain after the operation. The risk factors are of different forms including psychological, social, environmental factors, individual difference factors and anesthetic factors. Nerve damage or nerve injury during surgery is the main cause or culprit for pain and a risk factor for chronic post surgical pain.

Your risk is increased if you:

  • Are worried about pain before the surgery.
  • Spend time worrying about the pain after the operation
  • Feel helpless in midst of pain
  • Pain after about six hours the surgery is done is, one can predict
  • Pain on movement after surgery also predicts the development
  • Pain while taking a deep breadth
  • Genetic factors- pain memory


Therapy can reduce your preoperative fear and worry. The intensity of pre-operative pain predicts the presence of acute pain and the intensity of acute pain predicts the intensity of long time pain.

The presence of acute pain is associated with the development of chronic pain but it isn’t the cause.

If the presence of pre operative pain or the presence of acute pain after surgery predicts the development of chronic pain, administering proper anesthetic before operation should render you pain free.

post surgery pain
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What Happens During a post surgical pain treatment Procedure?

There are a lot of options you have to handling post operative pain. It all depends on your type of operation or state of health. You may be given one type or mixtures of medication depending on your peculiar situation.

Proper pain control before, during and immediately after the operation minimizes the possibility of protracted pain and more pain reliefs afterwards. All you need to do is let your physician know straight away if you feel any unusual pain.

The following are the possible pain relief medication you may be given:

  • Pain medicines through an intravenous vein.
  • Patient Controlled Anesthesia (PCA) which allows you to press a button to take more pain relief anytime you need.
  • Epidural Pain Control which are passed unto you through a delicate tube known as catheter either continuously or in minute doses.

Possible side effects of epidural are:

  • Blood pressure drop
  • Headache
  • Wooziness
  • Inhibited breathing or attack.

However, these only occur in rare occasions.

Why Post surgical pain remedies?

Chronic post surgical pains ruin life. It ruins families; it leads to separations to divorce, to troubles. It leads to isolation. It leads to worry. It leads to anxiety about pain and about recovery.

It leads to depression and a-times, it even leads to suicide. And so, it is bad enough to have chronic post operative pain as an adult and a tragedy to have it as a kid.

You don’t have to put up with Post surgical pains

Many people who suffer from post surgical pain erroneously assume that post operative pain is a cross they have to bear forever and an inevitable part of undergoing the surgery. Far from it!

There are remedies available for you before, during and after your operation. These remedies mitigate your likelihood of suffering the effect or in the very least its degree and duration of occurrence. They usually aid to ensure you get a quality of life that is better than what you have before.

Visit our pain relief center today and get the help you need from our expert professions. Do not wait till after your operation. It may be late and some avoidable mistakes would have been made!

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