Leg Pain

If you lay down at night and your legs stiffen up with pain, you are experiencing leg pain. If you come back from your sports game worn out and your legs hurt, you are experiencing leg pain. If you’ve been sitting with your knees bent all day playing video games and your legs start to hurt, you are experiencing leg pain.

Leg pain at night. If your leg stiffens and causes pain at night, this could be a muscle cramp due to overuse or dehydration.
Leg pain from sports. Leg pain could be from overuse or possibly an injury.
Leg pain while sitting. Leg pain from sitting all day, especially with your knees bent, could be due to poor circulation.

There are simple ways to treat these types of leg pain: rest, hydrate, and take frequent breaks from sitting. If your pain is due to an injury or you believe it could be symptoms of something worse, contact Pegasus Pain Management.

Type of Pain

Several Illnesses Related to Leg Pain

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When the cartilage in the joint starts to fade away due to overuse of the joint (This normally means it fades over time, but it can also mean that it is overused through intense activities such as sports.)

Symptoms of Arthritis: Joint stiffness, sharp joint pain, or swelling near a joint.

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Muscle Spasm

When a muscle suddenly tightens and moves involuntarily. The most common causes are dehydration, overuse of the limb, and electrolyte abnormalities. The spasm itself is very painful and usually doesn’t last long. This is most commonly in the legs.

Symptoms of a Muscle Spasm: The symptoms vary depending on where the spasm is located, but the most common symptoms are the tightening of the muscles and involuntary movement.

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Common Causes of Leg Pain

  • Injury
  • Overuse
  • Poor circulation
  • Blood clots
  • Can occasionally be related to a lower back injury
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Best Treatments for Leg Pain

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The treatment varies depending on what kind of pain and other symptoms, such as swelling or redness. Rest your leg, and if there is swelling, you can use an ice pack to bring the swelling down. Be sure to hydrate yourself, in case your leg pain is related to muscle spasms or cramps. If you are having leg pain and rest just isn’t enough, contact Pegasus Pain Management.

If you have leg pain, contact Pegasus Pain Management, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area immediately, to see what kind of pain treatment is best for you. To contact Pegasus Pain Management call (214) 702-5855

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