Pain Mapping

How does Pain Mapping work?

If we use the example of a leg – a physician may begin by lifting the patient’s leg up, which will cause pain to the back. From here, the physician would be able to create pain signals and figure out which nerve is sending these communications.

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Can Pain Mapping solve my Back Problems?

Pain Mapping isn’t a treatment for a problem; it is a way of figuring out the best treatment methods for the pain that the patient is experiencing. Pain Mapping means that there will be more chance of discovering a solution rather than undergoing unnecessary surgery that may not solve the problem.

The Benefits of Pain Mapping

 One of the greatest benefits of Pain Mapping is for back pain. The back is a large part of the body and it can be difficult to know where to target.

It is extremely useful as MRIs only show a broad region of where the pain comes from – Pain Mapping helps to narrow it down to a single nerve. Researchers have shown that many patients were pleased with the tool and over 80% of people would recommend it.

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