Constant pain in one’s tailbone is often classified as coccydynia. The dull, achy pain is caused by injury or inflammation to the base of the spine known as, the coccyx. Men’s sacrum is tilted inward and in women it’s tilted outward. This leads coccydynia to be more common in women.

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Constant Coccydynia Pain

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Constant coccydynia pain is continual pain in the tail bone that can limit your involvement in activities and reduce your quality of life.  A common cause of constant coccydynia for females is a difficult delivery during childbirth. Medical procedures, tumors, the formation of calcium crystals, or tail bone injury can also lead to coccydynia.

Sensitivity and pain in the lower spine, tail bone area, can be made worst through activities that require pressure on this area; such as horseback riding and biking. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments for coccydynia depending on the severity of your pain and the cause of your coccydynia.


Symptoms of Coccydynia

  • Tailbone pain
  • Tailbone swelling
  • Tailbone pain worsened by sitting
  • Tailbone pain worsened by standing up from a sitting position

Some Causes of Coccydynia

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Best Treatments for Coccydynia Pain

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Coccydynia many times can heal on its own with proper care. On your own to dull the pain and swelling of coccydynia, you can use an ice pack and avoid sitting directly on your tail bone. If you think you have coccydynia, take a break from sitting; either walk around or lay on your stomach/side to avoid pressure on the tailbone. Therapy, treatments and information on what painkillers you need that target the area in pain are available to you at Pegasus pain management.

If you have pain from coccydynia, contact Pegasus pain management, in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, immediately to see what kind of pain treatment is best for you. To contact Pegasus pain management call (214) 702-5855

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