Sciatica is a pain fairly common in its way of affecting and disrupting people’s lives. It’s a pain that affects the Sciatic nerve, which is a nerve that extends from the lower regions of the back and to the back of each of the legs. It is a common symptom shared by the global population, as pregnancy or muscle spasms in the buttocks, even wearing high heels may trigger it.

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Sciatica Symptoms:

Listed below are a few common symptoms associated with Sciatica.

  • Patient feeling pain in the lower back region
  • Pain in the hip of the patient
  • Patient can feel pain in either the legs or the buttocks, sitting may aggravate the pain
  • Burning sensation can be experienced by the patient in the affected regions
  • One side of the rear constantly in pain
  • A harsh pain that makes standing difficult
  • Pain affects the lower side of the body of the patient, depending on where the Sciatic nerve was hurt, extends from the lower back and up to the toes
  • Difficulty in using the legs, feeling weakness in the legs
  • In rare cases, patient may lose bladder control


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    Sciatica Causes:

    The primary reason of Sciatica pain is the irritation caused at the root of the patient’s lumbosacral spine and/or the lower lumber. Here are the reasons why the aforementioned scenario happened and other miscellaneous reasons for Sciatica.

    • The patient’s spinal canal, which are situated at the lower back, becoming narrower. This is called Lumbar spinal stenosis
    • The gradual degeneration of discs, which cushions the spot between two vertebrae
    • Getting pregnant
    • Back spasms
    • Sleeping on too soft a mattress


    Pain medications are the most primary treatments of the Sciatica pain. Most of the time, enough time to heal is all that is necessary to fix the pain. It is usually advised to continue all daily activities of the patient as much as possible. Surgery can be a treatment as pain becomes stronger and more enduring. Surgery has always led to relief from the pain, although long term benefits are not certain. Surgery may become impossible to avoid if the lain lasts too long.

    Sciatica is a surprisingly common pain that can affect many people in their middle ages, causing stress and unnecessary problems in the life of people. The condition is one with its origin in the ancient times, but with a bit of dexterity we can rise above it.

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