Nerve Root Blocks

Nerve Root Blocks

Nerve root blocks are a form of pain management. It can help with pain management in specific areas of the body. A nerve block is the injection of medication into a specific part of the body. It works by blocking the pain signals sent to your brain. Different nerve blocks are used for various scenarios. Here is a short outline of some of the nerve blocks and what they do :

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1. Therapeutic Nerve Blocks
These types of nerve blocks are used to treat painful conditions and contain local anesthetic used to control acute pain.
2. Diagnostic Nerve Blocks
These nerve blocks are used to determine sources of pain. Typically these blocks contain an anesthetic with specific duration of relief.
3. Prognostic Nerve Blocks
These nerve blocks predict the outcomes of given treatment. Meaning, this nerve block might be performed to determine if more permanent treatments such as surgery would also be successful in helping with the pain.
4. Preemptive Nerve Blocks
These nerve blocks are used to prevent pain from a procedure.

Nerve blocks can often be used to avoid surgery. For a nerve block to work it needs to be pain related to a single or small group of nerves.

Types of Nerve Blocks

There are multitudes of different types of nerve blocks that vary based on where the pain stems in your body. Therefore, you can look up what kind of nerve block you need based on the pain. Often this information is extremely easy to find. We encourage you to look at your symptoms and where your pain is coming from. From that assessment you can determine what type of nerve block you need to help with your pain.

What are the risks?

Some of the side effects of nerve blocks include :

  • Elevated Blood Sugar
  • Itching
  • Rash
  • Weight Gain
  • Extra Energy
  • Soreness at the sight of injection
  • Bleeding
  • Muscle paralysis
  • Death
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Pain Treatment Centers

Pegasus Pain Management can help with nerve root blocks. As a pain management clinic, Pegasus can help you with your chronic or acute pain. If you are having pain, contact Pegasus Pain Management to see what kind of pain management they can provide you. To contact call (214)702-5355.

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