Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point Injections

Trigger Point injections are used to provide pain relief for chronic back pain by distinguishing trigger points that lead to the pain. A “trigger point” can be defined as regions of muscle spasms and severe inflammation – this is a common issue that occurs in the upper back and shoulders.

Medication is sent to the trigger point and can help weaken pain symptoms alongside aiding severe headaches and muscle disorders such as fibromyalgia.

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How are Trigger Point Injections performed?

  1. The patient lies with their back facing the ceiling.
  1. The physician will locate the trigger point by gently massaging the area and keeps note of the exact region.
  1. An antiseptic that contains alcohol is used to clean the area to eliminate any risk of infection.
  1. A general anesthetic will be given to the patient.
  1. A spray is used to numb the area that will be injected (ethyl chloride is the most popular choice by healthcare professionals.)
  1. The needle is inserted into the trigger regions, releasing medicine into the area that is causing pain and distress.
  1. The procedure takes a maximum of 60 minutes (including the surgery, follow up meetings and rest.)


A trigger point should be fixed after one injection, as the one trigger point will be removed. However, if the patient suffers from fibromyalgia then these problems may re-surface, the root of the problem, in this case, is not from a trigger point.

The Benefits of Trigger Point Injections

One of the benefits of using Trigger Point injections is that if a patient has an allergy to any medication, they can still undergo the procedure. By using a dry-needle technique, no medications are involved.

This does mean that it may be more painful and may take longer to heal. However, if the trigger point is the issue then a few more days is nothing if the issue is healed for good.

The pain relief will be instant due to the general anesthetic. After this wears off there may be a slight pain however this should go within 24 hours.

Trigger Point Injections dallas

Side Effects of Trigger Point Injections

It is reported that the most common side effect is a pain in the area where the injection was inserted. Healthcare professionals have recommended using ice to soothe the area or painkillers such as ibuprofen. This isn’t long lasting and will last no longer than 24 hours.

Very rare side effects are that a dent may form in the skin due to the shrinking of fat in the injected area. Another rare side effect is infection and bleeding – this again only occurs to a small number of the population.

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