I Got in a Car Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

I Got in a Car Accident, Should I See a Doctor?

I Got in a Car Accident, but I’m Not in Pain. Should I Still See a Doctor?

Car accidents are frightening, If they are major they might cause injuries. Even if the injuries don’t have physical scars they can have a huge impact on the rest of life. Approximately 2 million people are injured in a car accident yearly, not all of them feel to go to the doctor.

The most common question after any car accident comes is the need for medical attention. People with minor injuries don’t give importance to the doctor’s appointment. If one doesn’t see any visible injury, cut or blood, they think they’re fine. There is no problem in assuming yourself fine, but it’s something you shouldn’t ignore. After someone is involved in a car accident, anything can happen to them. Not every injury is visible to the sight, some are inside the body that can be a fracture or blood clotting, internal bleeding or injured organ, etc. Thinking yourself fine after an accident is dangerous.

If an internal injury is left untreated, it can get worse and might damage the whole organ or be life-threatening. So, it is very important to see a doctor after you met any automobile accident, even if there is not any visible injury. You might not feel any pain right after your accident because of the shock situation.

Destructive accidents cause lost memories, bone fractures, or fatalities. These are easy to diagnose and treatment can be done later on. Around 8% of people face minor injuries during a car accident than killed in one. Severe and visible injuries are the ones that can easily be treated. But it is necessary that one should seek a medical consultation after even a minor accident.

One big mistake accident victims make is thinking that the headache, body aches, and other symptoms are due to stress. The headache after your accident can be stress-induced. It is not easy to deal with a police report, car repair, and insurance companies after an automobile accident. These can give you stress and anxiety but ignoring the body unwell signs is an injustice to yourself. Never ignore signs of your body and take things lightly.

You might not have any broken head or a rib injury, your back and neck are more likely to get injured which you can’t even see. How is this possible? That you faced car to the car accident or your car was badly damaged and you have minor painful injuries. Jerks during an accident can cause injury in soft tissues and can affect the ligaments and tendons. This can also lead to back pain, which can stay for a long period.

Ignoring the medical consultation after an accident due to medical bills is brainless, you can always seek medical help from an insurance company. An insurance company might also help you in repairing the car damages too. In case your insurance company doesn’t take responsibility or accept your claim, you can hire a car accident attorney.


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