Car Accident Pain

Seeing a Doctor After a Car Wreck

Getting Checked Out After an Auto Accident You’ve just been in a car wreck. You’re in shock, but other than that you feel fine. You figure you don’t need to see a doctor and tell the police who arrived on the scene to send the ambulance away. You give your statement, call your insurance provider, […]

Car Crash Aftermath Checklist

10 Things You SHOULD Do After a Car Accident Car accidents, unfortunately, will always be a part of your driving experience. Statistics show that in a person’s driving career, one will probably experience a vehicular accident at least twice. If you have never been involved in a car crash (hopefully never), you should at least […]

5 Delayed Injury Symptoms After A Car Crash

Automobile Crash Delayed Injuries In 2016, there were thirty-seven thousand four-hundred sixty-one (37,461) US vehicle deaths from a total of 300 million car accidents. While some injuries may be evident to the naked eye, others may not be immediately apparent. In some cases, symptoms slowly reveal themselves few hours to a couple of days after […]

Causes of Neck & Back Pain after a Car Accident

Car Accident Pain Unfortunately, car accidents occur all too often. Those accidents often result in back or neck injuries for some of the parties involved.  Whenever vehicular accidents take place, regardless of the intensity, a jerking motion of the body occurs. As a car slam unto something, the inertia from the opposing force causes the […]

Pain After a Car Accident

Car Wreck Pain: Post-car accident injury pain can be a excruciatingly difficult recovery. Without the right treatment, these injuries can manifest into even worse conditions, in the long run. Below is some insight into common types of car accident injury pain and their treatments. Whiplash This occurs when an individual’s head moves in a violent, rapid forward and backward […]

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