Pain After a Car Accident

Pain After a Car Accident

Car Wreck Pain:

Post-car accident injury pain can be a excruciatingly difficult recovery. Without the right treatment, these injuries can manifest into even worse conditions, in the long run. Below is some insight into common types of car accident injury pain and their treatments.


This occurs when an individual’s head moves in a violent, rapid forward and backward motion, like the snapping of a whip. It is extremely common during an automobile rear-end collision. Whiplash occurs when the soft tissues around your neck move far beyond the normal range of motion. The symptoms might not be apparent right after the accident, so it is highly essential to pay attention to every kind of physical change during the post-accident phase.

Whiplash treatment: Doctors usually prescribe painkillers and (OTC) over-the-counter medication at the onset for neck pain. In addition to that, physiotherapy also plays a vital role in the recovery. Doctors suggest applying mild heat or ice to the affected area and practicing a set of neck exercises; these are meant to build proper flexibility and strength around your neck. If the condition is bad enough, injections or nerve blocks can help alleviate the pain.

Arm and/or Shoulder Pain

In many cases, if the ligaments or tissue in your neck have been injured after an auto collision, it is very likely that they will affect the nerves that travel from your arm. Injuries like this can lead to severe arm pain. The symptoms might be visible either immediately or show up 24-48 hours later.

Arm / Shoulder Pain treatment: Although painkillers are the first thought for this kind of pain, in most cases, many turn to chiropractic and physiotherapeutic treatment. However, for intense or on-going pain, nerve blocks and corticosteroid injections may be your best option. Nerve blocks and corticosteroid injections help reduce the inflammation and swelling, which in turn reduce your spasms and pain. This allows your body the pain relief it needs to heal.

Leg Pain

After a car accident, the you may experience severe leg pain, as well. This pain includes: knee pain, injuries in the thigh, injuries in the hip, and injuries along your ankle. It can also lead to fractures in the bone, hairline fracture, dislocation of the knee joint, and ruptured tendons.

Leg Pain treatment: Like other bone, joint, or tissue pains, this treatment aims for total rehabilitation of the damaged area. This follows three phases, which include: restoring the motion, restoring the strength of your muscle and restoring the level of tolerance. Steroid or anesthesia injections can also be an excellent solution.

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